Cynthia Cyn or Cindy. 21 & living in Miami.
Artist turned hospitality grad with a tendency to drink too much coffee, obsess over TV shows and celebrities, and talk to my cat.
i work too much and sleep too little.
Frozen iPad doodles anyone?
The Evil Queen, Regina Mills. 
Just finished painting this…right on time for Spooky Empire tomorrow.
Since it appears the last post was quite popular… Here’s the updated painting. A bit more depth but there’s still a lot to go.
3 hours in. I need to have this baby done by Saturday to show Lana when I meet her!
Here’s the back of the jacket I painted and wore to ArtRave 
I know it looks a little messy because it’s on fabric… But she’s done for now. Next step is to get it on my jacket!
Almost finished with this Venus! ;)
Currently tattooing Lady Gaga
I’m having so much fun working on this one. Part #1 of several for a project I’m working on ;) 
Just a quick Evil Queen sketch before bed.
Alex Vause is finished for now:)
Picking this baby back up even though I should be working, (for the anon who told me to work on my shading) Alex Vause is coming to life.
99% sure I just died. I’m shaking from excitement. Bejehejslaiehkwksbandos
Here’s some Alex Vause fan art for all the OITNB lovers.
30 free minutes at work? Jennifer Morrison at the Met Gala sketch. I’ll probably go in and touch it up later.