Cynthia Cyn or Cindy. 21 & living in Miami.
Artist turned hospitality grad with a tendency to drink too much coffee, obsess over TV shows and celebrities, and talk to my cat.
i work too much and sleep too little.
Today in paradise
These two😍
BRASIIIILLLLL! Celebrating the fourth while watching the game with these Brazilian hotties.
Spent the day beach bound with margaritas and some babes.
I’ve had people asking me where exactly Lady Gaga drew my heart tattoo, so here’s the little baby from far away. Also, I just love this bra.
Beach days are the best days
Summer nights. Not sure why I’m wearing a Gators hat.
I still manage to weird myself out when I transform from geeky fangirl to powertripping business woman in 30 minutes flat.
New hair, ft. no braces!
Guys I’m so hot omg
Mini weekend trip to Disney. Bliss.